A washed-up cop, a state governor blinded by ambition,

and a son driven by revenge.
Their worlds will collide in six days.

Who will survive the upcoming presidential campaign?


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Nick Pignatelli

The Politics of Murder

Available in paperback and ebook

Rick Patterson was a young cop with a bright future until his partner died taking a bullet meant for him. Consumed by guilt, he walked away from a promising career in law enforcement and turned his back on his soul mate, Megan Fitzpatrick.

Five years later Megan's been kidnapped and Rick, now a struggling two-bit private investigator, must climb out of his self-imposed hell to get her back.

Rick discovers that Megan's disappearance is somehow connected to a plot to assassinate New York State Governor Helen Clifton on the very day she plans to announce her historic candidacy for President of the United States. Problem is, no one believes him.

Rick Patterson has six days to rescue the only woman he ever loved and prevent New York's governor from being murdered. The odds are stacked against him unraveling the mystery before all hell breaks loose.

And time is running out...

What readers are saying about The Politics of Murder


    For connoisseurs of the thriller genre, one quickly comes to realize that author Nick Pignatelli is hardly one to rest on his laurels. Expect from his pen neither cookie-cutter plots nor trite characters. Furthermore, look in vain for research assistants, ghostwriters, interchangeable plot lines, and boiler-room-produced narratives. For Pignatelli, master of every step in the creation of his books, each product is wholly new, unlike what comes before, fresh, inventive, and tantalizing. This variety is the product of a fertile mind, unconventional, audacious, creative, and observant.
     In light of this analysis, any reader might conclude that it would hold true for Pignatelli's latest work, The Politics of Murder. You may rest assured, dear readers. Pignatelli does not disappoint here. Prepare for a ride.
     In spite of his trademark departures from the past, there ARE some similarities with Pignatelli's first novel, The Devil's Claw. Part of the amazing appeal in the earlier work was his anticipation of the future, his ability to see ahead beyond the foggy horizon, a vista which others fail to approach, and to project the logical but wholly unique end results of developments being generated today. Back then, I described "Claw" as "Frankenstein Redux," a frightening but very possible (might I even dare to say, probable?) extension of the perils of mad science, human frailties, and government over-reach.
     This same talent for displaying an unsettling future, the lately-seen-as-logical (but here-to-fore unseen) extension of critical choices made today, is one of those ingredients that makes "Murder" such a success. Are you finally aware in the course of our current political campaign of the outside financing of disruptive radicals? Pignatelli anticipated them all ages ago! Are you now awake to the dangers of the lone wolf as he prowls among the detritus of the political landscape? Pignatelli long ago put him at the center of the action as if he were ancient news. Have you considered the millions of dollars that must be expended in order to protect our candidates and institutions from terrorists who wield simple equipment worth little more than pennies? Prepare to see this in all its horrific action when you read "Murder." Have you followed the recent debate on the relative merits of the judgment of the human mind versus the cold calculations of technology? Pignatelli obviously did, well before the start of the current campaign, and he carries the debate to the next, unforeseen result and beyond.
     As the author digs into these very real issues, and many more, he also offers us a crackin' good tale. Around every dark corner is a fictitious character who brings to mind some of today's very real public personages, making political decisions while hidden in the murky twilight. Almost every one is self-serving and unsavory. We are unable to escape them, whether they are fiction or fact.
     The Devil's Claw and The Politics of Murder also beg one more question: what product will come next from the pen of Nick Pignatelli? One thing for sure: it will be unique. I can hardly wait.

-- Edward Peck, author of the novel, Lincoln's Secret.

Compelling page turner - Pignatelli is a master at writing a suspenseful, action packed novel loaded with surprises. The plot never flags. I loved having the action take place in Albany and its environs, but the book can be appreciated by detective story lovers no matter where they live. I look forward to reading his next work. -- C.B.

A great story about revenge - This book has a great perspective from a former police officer on a missing person's case that turns into a manhunt. Things get really interesting when you see how politics are involved in the case and the greed behind it all. I loved the writing style. -- L.M.

Want to enjoy a great novel? Read one of Nick Pignatelli's books! - After reading His first book, The Devil's Claw, I couldn't wait to read his next novel. He didn't disappoint me with The Politics of Murder! Both novels are well written with great imagination. Once you pick them up, they're hard to put down. Can't wait for his next book! -- P.W.

Great & enjoyable read! - A great, easy read, the characters are easy to identify with and the books flows well. Really enjoyed his first book, The Devil's Claw, and now The Politics of Murder I liked even more. I highly recommend it for fans of Grisham, etc. -- E.Z.

Another gem - For readers who like suspense thrillers, particularly one with a political and geographic backdrop, The Politics of Murder is for you. Already watching for Pignatelli's next release. -- K.W.

Great read! - Another great read by Nick Pignatelli. A real thriller where the good guys win and the politicians lose. Great during this election cycle! If you enjoy Tom Clancy, Clive Cussler and the like, you will enjoy Nick Pignatelli. -- A.R.

Fantastic read! - Excellent book; lots of action! Couldn't put it down! Eagerly awaiting his next novel! -- B.L.