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    Nick Pignatelli's newest book, In My Little Town, has a more personal feel in that it features small town drama and bullying, especially related to the main character's brother's developmental disability. Pignatelli can relate, as a brother to someone with a developmental disability and obviously having grown up in a small town. I paused many times in the action-packed story to check whether I was reading nonfiction!
    Pignatelli describes a crooked empire that includes drug and human smuggling out of a small airstrip in this tiny town and the man who fled for greener pastures getting caught back up in the drama of the town bullies who now run this empire.
    Ken Logan gets sucked back in after crossing paths with them while meeting a friend who never left and reconnecting with a woman he didn't recognize from high school until it was pointed out. Pulling in several other personal experiences including aviation, it's evident the book is both personal and profound. It's a reflection on our legacies and beliefs about where we come from and what we try to leave behind only to return again in some way. The action certainly amps up and moves the quickly-paced story forward where the meat of the story takes place over only six days.
    So certain elements are left out to keep the drama moving that I would have liked more explanation about, but it's a small detail compared to writing a thriller with some humorous moments and one fantastically powerful female getting in the thick of things. -- Alicia Abdul for Albany Times Union Book Blog

A must read - Once again a knockout, a journey so insightful and soul steering. If you have ever been bullied or were a bully, this story is for you. -- S.W.

Another hit! - Excellent read! Thoroughly enjoyed his little going back home adventure beginning to end. Couldn't stop turning the pages to see what would happen next. Mr. Pignatelli is a terrific storyteller and gets it done without dragging you through a 400-500 page book yet leaves you longing for more. Great job Nick, keep 'em coming. -- J.K.

In My Little Town is a winner - The book has good pace and is very well written. Plot line was consistent and cogent. Already looking forward to Nick's next adventure. Well done. -- H.L.

Loved it!!!!! - This is the 3rd book I’ve read by Nick and they get better & better!! A lot of action & kept my interest!!!! -- A.C.

Once a bully, always a bully - I love Nick’s books. This one is no exception. It takes place in a make-believe place that I know. Lots of action and suspense. I didn’t want to put it down. -- K.F.

A great read! - Another great book by Nick Pignatelli! Could not put it down. Excellent character development, and a story line that grabs you right from the start. Highly recommend. And if you haven't read his other two books, you should. Well done! -- L.K.

Another Great Read - My third book by Nick Pignatelli. All three were well written, exciting, and thoroughly enjoyable. The hometown settings add to the fun. I’m looking forward to reading his next book. -- D.P.

Spellbinding adventure! I could not put it down - An interesting and action-packed story that grips you early and does not disappoint. Add to that the plight of being bullied and /or disadvantaged in life. The author realized the pain and scars that can cause. Great job! -- B.L.

Ever wonder what happened to those small-town bullies

who made your life a living hell when you were a kid?

Globetrotting photojournalist Ken Logan returns home after twenty years to find they're still around. And they've stepped up their game.

The moment he sets foot in the town where he grew up, Ken Logan finds himself targeted by old adversaries intent on settling long-forgotten grudges. To make matters worse, he must also come to grips with ghosts from his own childhood that still haunt him.

It's often said that you can't go home again. Ken Logan finds himself fighting to disprove that old adage. With any luck, it won't cost him his life.

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In My Little Town

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